Lauren Randle is The Crazy Plant Lady of Castlemaine – after years of trying to find a job that she was passionate about she decided to combine her love of plants and interior design – creating ‘The Crazy Plant Lady of Castlemaine.’

The business was born after Lauren had worked in community development and the mental health care sector for a few years, the nurturing of plants and spending time with them was her selfcare outlet after mentally tough days.

The idea of loving a plant, giving it care, seeing it grow and create a natural ambience while purifying the air is something that Lauren would love all homes to be able to experience.

Lauren offers styling for business, home, real estate and corporate settings; this includes consulting on what plants to contribute to the space, sourcing of all plants and pots, as well as installation.

She also offers a plant babysitting program where she will water, prune and feed your plants on a weekly basis ensuring they stay alive while you holiday. This service is also available long term for Airbnb’s and business.

Lauren’s motto is ‘may your plants grow and grow’ – this is a metaphor for the growth we have as humans in an often, uncertain world and the ability to nurture ourselves as well as our environment.

Enquiries welcome 0405 796 139.




0405 796 139

Mon - Fri:  10am - 3pm
Sat:  10am - 3pm

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